​​Hunter Valley Brumby Association

Located in the Hunter Valley in Stroud NSW, the HVBA Sanctuary provides refuge, rehabilitation and re-homing facilities for Brumbies in need and who are generally rescued from passive trapping programs conducted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. We take great pride in providing a very high level of care for all of the Brumbies in preparation for their forever homes. The Brumbies enjoy large paddocks with shelters, dams to splash in and of course the lush green pastures of the Hunter Valley 

The HVBA Sanctuary is also used as a teaching facility for local equine students and is also visited by local and international tourists wishing to meet a Brumby for the first time.  

Please note: There have been lots of changes happening at the HVBA Sanctuary over the past few month meaning our team needs to be focused on pasture improvement and other maintenance in early 2017. For this reason we will not be open to the public during this time, but stay tuned for our Open Day to reveal our new Sanctuary!

Visitors are welcome by appointment only.
Please email info@hvba.com.au if you would like to come and meet the Brumbies.

In the near future passive and humane trapping programs will commence through out the Hunter Valley and the HVBA is a stakeholder set to receive the Brumbies captured. 

The HVBA has recently upgraded our facilities to provide much larger paddocks and better volunteers facilities.  The larger sanctuary will provide refuge for more Brumbies, both short term and permanent home for those Brumbies not able to be re-homed. 

The HVBA Sanctuary