Beautiful Ladies and their Gorgeous Babies

During the winter of 2016, we rescued eight mares from the Kosciuszko trapping program. Many of these beautiful ladies will be pregnant and need to spend at least the next twelve months relaxing in our large natural paddocks in family groups while they have their foals. Your help is vital to ensure they have everything a new mum needs - time, space, food and support. 

For just $25 per month, you can sponsor one of our beautiful girls and their babies. You will receive a quarterly email update with all of the news about your Brumby mare - and of course we will contact you urgently as soon as her little Brumby bundle of joy arrives!  

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a HVBA Brumby mare!


​HVBA Arial
Arial came to the HVBA late 2015 after giving the rangers quite a shock when they discovered her in the yards again after 7 years of being missing presumed dead. Arial had been trained as a coacher mare as a three year old and had an aerial tracking collar placed around her neck, (which was still attached in 2015!). She was followed for several years until one day she just disappeared.  We removed the collar as soon as Arial arrived, and turned her out into the paddock to recover, but her half memory of humans just makes her terrified. She has calmed down a lot over the past 18 months, and we are hopeful that given enough time she will be able to complete some training, but not yet. To sponsor Arial while we slowly gain her trust, please click the button above her picture to the right.

The HVBA receives no government funding, and our entirely volunteer team spends a large amount of time fundraising to cover our extensive costs.  Each Brumby costs over $50 per month in feed alone, then there is routine vet care, worming, dentistry and Farrier work (once possible).  It takes on average, 10 months to transform a Brumby from wild to domestic, but sometimes it takes much, much longer.  Brumbies may have a physical injury that needs time to heal, they could be psychologically fragile and need more time to settle into domestic life or they could be pregnant and need time to birth and raise their baby.  Sometimes, after much time and effort, and for a variety of reasons, it is decided that some Brumbies are just not suitable for rehoming and need to stay at the HVBA Sanctuary as Permanent Residents.  Sponsors are an incredibly important and special group of people that help these Brumbies while they are in care.

For a small, fully tax deductible, monthly donation of $25, you can sponsor one of these Brumbies currently under our care and receive quarterly email updates with all of the news about your Brumby.  This sponsorship also makes the perfect gift for a loved one, just contact us with your loved one's email address or place it in the "shipping address" when placing your sponsorship.

Please see below for a list of Brumbies currently available to Sponsor, and Thank you for your support!

Injured or Recovering Animals 

 Every now and then we have Brumbies that either come to us with a physical injury or just need a little more time to adjust psychologically to domestic life, and on occasion, as with any horse, a Brumby can injure itself while playing out in the paddock. These types of unexpected traumas can extend the time that a Brumby needs to be in care at our Sanctuary and your help is vital to ensure they have everything they need during this time, including vet care, medications, food and support. 

For just $25 per month, you can sponsor one of these amazing Brumbies and receive a quarterly email update with all of the news about their recovery progress.

Thank you for choosing to sponsor an injured or recovering HVBA Brumby!

Elle's name is so fitting with her long silver locks flowing down her beautiful face. Elle is very shy but she has settled in well and her little bundle of perfection was born on the 23rd of December so just had to be named Holly! Elle is an amazing mum and keeps her daughter close by when we are around, just in case. To sponsor Elle and Holly please click the button above their photo to the right.

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