​​Hunter Valley Brumby Association

One of the main objectives of the HVBA is to provide a path to a new life for Brumbies that are trapped in various management programs around the state. We often have to travel many hours to complete a rescue, with our wonderful custom built rescue trailer, and although it is exciting to meet new Brumbies, it is often not only physically challenging, but mentally challenging too because we always think about those we have to leave behind. 

For those lucky few that fit into our trailer, the adjustment to their new domestic life starts immediately as they learn to travel home to the Sanctuary. Our trailer is fitted with survelliance cameras so we can keep an eye on how they are coping, but they usually just munch on the hay at their feet and snooze they whole way home.

Once home, the Brumbies are given some time to settle into domestic life, any pregnant or lactating mares are allowed to birth and wean their foals naturally, in a proper herd run by one of our amazing stallions (don't tell them we gelded them...), any stallions and colts are gelded, any urgent medical issues are seen to, and then the training begins.

​To learn more about what happens to our Brumbies after they are rescued, please follow the links below.