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​​​​Hunter Valley Brumby Association

Last Sunday of Every Month is Volunteer Day. If you would like to be involved contact us for more details. All children under the age of 17 must be supervised by an adult.

Ellen James - Volunteer with the HVBA since 2012

"I found out about the HVBA through my Dad, who works for the same company as Kath. At first , he thought it was

great, but too far away from us. However, the more we thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. I needed

a volunteering opportunity for my Gold Duke of Ed award, I also needed the experience with horses, and I am

passionate about animal welfare and environmental issues. The Brumby Sanctuary would give me all three as well as

me being able to help out a well deserving cause.

After spending a few hours watching Kath work with the horses for the first time, I knew it was going to be an amazing

experience. Even though I had next to no idea about anything horse related, Kath and the other crew taught me,

patently and supportively, and after only a month, my confidence and skills were good enough that I could handle Astro,

one of the biggest rescue brumbies at the Sanctuary. It was an incredible experience to gain the trust of an animal that

had only been out of the wild 4 months. Recently, working again with Astro was so rewarding. Having an animal. especially one that is first and foremost wild, look to you for leadership and support, is like nothing that I have never found in all of my other life experiences (limited as they may be!). It was such a special feeling.

Volunteering at the Sanctuary during my HSC has prove to be a great respite from all of the pressures of school. For a few hours, I was able to immerse myself in something that was benefiting so many others, and be supported by all of the other volunteers around me. Now I am looking towards to uni, knowing I will have to relocate to go to a vet school, I know the skills I have gained from volunteering with the HVBA will prove invaluable when I am working with horses in the future. I can now proudly say, that although not yet a 'horse person', I absolutely love brumbies!"


University and TAFE Work Placements and Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer Opportunities

The HVBA offers students to complete their volunteers work placement components of their studies and we offer volunteer opportunities for gold and silver Duke Of Edinburgh Award recipients.

Please contact your student advisors to obtain the paperwork and insurance details and then just contact us at to arrange the dates to volunteer.

Volunteers experience hands on in training Brumbies and farm management skills.

Please note, we do not have any accommodation facilities here at the HVBA, except basic camping. Accommodation is available at nearby towns at student's expense.


Volunteer with the HVBA

The HVBA is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and we are always looking to expand our team - and you don't even have to work with horse to help!

If you are as passionate about the Brumbies as we are and can help with anything from selling some raffle tickets at our stand, other fundraising oppurtunies, general farm work or some admin duties - we would love to hear from you!

For those that would like the opportunity to work with the Brumbies and help prepare them for their forever home, you don't have to be very experience with horses - just very keen and committed to learn and ideally fairly local to the Sanctuary. Working with wild horses is not all as romantic as some may think - it can be physically and mentally tough, these are not must horse but wild animals and therefore it can be dangerous too. But for those people that are willing to help on a regular basis, the rewards are immense - taking a horse from the wild, have them bond with you and form trust and seeing them load onto a float to their new homes is an incredible experience.

Please note that the minimum age to volunteer with the HVBA is 17 years,(except on Volunteer Days) and all volunteers must have their own ambulance cover.

If you would like to volunteer for the HVBA, simply click here to download our application form, fill it in and email to or post to:


PO Box 57
​Stroud   NSW   2425.