HVBA Ariel


14 year old Mare from Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.

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HVBA Lucky Star (Lucky)
HVBA Lucky Star (Lucky)

Fostering and Companion Brumbies

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HVBA Zorro


3 year old Gelding from Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.



Mare from Kosciuszko National Park.

HVBA Grace


17 year old Mare Kosciuszko National Park.

​​Below are the Brumbies currently in our care that for various reasons are suitable only as companion animals. We offer both adoption contracts and fostering arrangements for these Brumbies and no matter what you choose you will find that we are always here to help with the special needs of these Brumbies. These arrangements are particularly suitable for "tree-changers" and others that would enjoy having some of these gorgeous "lawn mowers" to keep their property maintained but who are not interested in riding. If you are interested in providing a foster home or adopting a Companion Brumby please get in contact with us to learn more.

Please note that any Brumbies listed here will be placed on Boomerang Contracts or a specifically tailored foster agreement.   We welcome inquiries via email, phone and through thecontact page of this site, but please ensure you have read the terms and conditions prior enquiring.