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School Excursions and Community Group Visitations - by appointment only (please note that no appointments will available until mid 2017)

The HVBA is more than happy to have community and school groups come to the Sanctuary to learn about the HVBA and our wonderful Brumbies. The HVBA will provide a specially tailored experience for each group based on interest, experience and age of participants with morning tea and coffee also provided. VIsitors are welcome to take photographs of the Brumbies and merchandise will all be available for purchase should visitors wish. The HVBA does not charge for these visits however a donation to help us care for the Brumbies is always appreciated. 


University and TAFE Work Placements and Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer Opportunities

The HVBA offers students to complete their volunteers work placement components of their studies and we offer volunteer opportunities for gold and silver Duke Of Edinburgh Award recipients.

Please contact your student advisors to obtain the paperwork and insurance details and then just contact us at info@hvba.com.au to arrange the dates to volunteer.

Volunteers experience hands on in training Brumbies and farm management skills.

Please note, we do not have any accommodation facilities here at the HVBA, except basic camping. Accommodation is available at nearby towns at student's expense.

The HVBA strongly believe that educating the community about the problems our wild horses face and how they can help is the only way to secure a better future for our Brumbies. Our team is extremely committed to continually improving our knowledge and skills and sharing this information with the public.

Our Open Days and Promotional Stands which we run at community events are heavily focussed on providing up to date information on Brumbies both wild and domestic, global wild horse research, environmental studies and ethical training approaches.

The HVBA believes that healthy Brumbies populations are able to live in balance with their environments and that properly conducted scientific research into the impacts, both positive and negative, of Brumbies on their environments must be used in the creation of management plans. We believe that the changes that have occurred to the Australian landscape since the introduction of wild horses more than 200 years ago should not be ignored. The HVBA cares deeply for the environment and worries that the complete removal of a species from its environment, especially without proper scientific evaluation of the effects of that species or its removal, could cause irreparable damage to the delicate balance that exists within these ecosystems and and advocate for a more measured approach to population management.

Our Vice President, Madison Young, holds a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Zoology and is currently studying a Master of Environmental Science and Management with a focus on wild horse research. Madison is more than happy to discuss research matters with anyone interested and is particularly interested in making connections with other like-minded  scientists. For any further information relating to any of the above, please contact Madison at research@hvba.com.au

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