​​Hunter Valley Brumby Association

HVBA Domingo

4.5Yr Old Piebald Oxley Gelding

Available Now to Experienced Homes Only

The Oxley Boys 
These three boys are very sweet, try very hard to please and since coming into our care they have had a lot of training! They can be caught in the paddock, lead down the road, have their feet picked out, and have tackled obstacles like tarps and balls and Zorro is even starting to lunge. While this is a reasonable level of training, they still aren't up to the standard that we usually like before we offer them for adoption and more importantly they are still easily frightened. These boys will only work with a couple of our volunteers who have worked with them a lot and are still scared of everyone else. They really need to bond with their trainer before they will trust them, but once they do they will do almost anything for you (except maybe talk to someone they haven't met before). We know that once these boys fully bond with someone it would break their heart to be separated from them, so we need to choose extra special homes for them with someone who will complete all of their training themselves. Due to this, Zorro, Checka and Domingo will be adopted as is, with their new owners needing to finish their training once they have spent time bonding with them and gaining their trust.  They will need quiet, experienced homes, with no young children and will only be offered on Boomerang Contracts. If you believe you can offer one of these boys the compassionate home the deserve
Contact Us today to arrange to meet them. 

Our aim is to find dedicated forever homes for our Brumbies. We carefully assess each and every one and do our best to match them with the right owner. Please be guided by our advice as we work with them from the day they arrive at our Sanctuary and get to know each Brumbies unique personality.  We pride ourselves on providing professional care and handling of all of our Brumbies, as outlined below.  All new owners must agree to the adoption terms and conditions and pay the full adoption fee before they will be allowed to take their Brumby home.  ​The adoption fee for HVBA Brumbies is $1500 regardless of colour, age, height or personality as these things do not affect their value in our eyes. They are priced based on level of training and are all sold with the same very high standard of ground work skills. The HVBA is a not for profit organisation and the adoption fee does not come close to covering the cost to us of saving your Brumby, but it does go directly towards helping us give more Brumby’s the second chance at life they all deserve. 

Brumbies available for adoption come: 
* certified as a legally, passively captured Brumby  - so you know you are getting a genuine Brumby!
*  microchipped and registered with the Australian Animal Registry and the Australian Brumby Horse Register.
* regularly farrier trimmed and wormed, with all Brumbies over 2 years of age also recieving dental care.
* gelded if colts or stallions, and no mares or fillies are adopted in foal or with foals at foot.
* with full medical reports. Health issues are rare, and will ALWAYS be disclosed during your initial enquiry.
* fully ground worked including safely tie up, worked with different objects for de-sensitiation (cars, mowers, cats, dogs, chooks, ropes, tarps etc), led off the property, float loaded and taken for their first drive - approximately 10 months of  training.
* with full documents, personalised reports of each individual Brumby, care reports and a USB with complete picture diary from the time your Brumby arrived!
The HVBA team cares deeply for our Brumbies and for this reason are willing to offer a lot of after sale assistance to our new owners if required. 

Below are the Brumbies currently in our care that have either completed or are very close to completing their training and are ready to begin the process of finding their forever homes. There are detailed descriptions of these Brumbies, including photographs, to help you decide if one of these Brumbies would be right for you or your family. If you are interested in adopting one of these Brumbies please contact us for more details and to arrange a time to visit your preferred Brumby. Please Note – the HVBA does NOT sell sight unseen or on first inspection. We believe in developing the beginnings of a bond between Brumby and owner and this cannot be achieved at the first visit. The Brumbies that have completed their training are able to be adopted as soon as the right owner comes along and those still in training can be placed on our “Path to Adoption” program.

Please remember the adoption contract is final and, unless the Brumby has been placed on a Boomarang Contract, the Brumby becomes the sole property of the owner once signed off. We welcome inquiries via email, phone and through the contact page of this site, but please ensure you have read the terms and conditions prior enquiring about adoptions.  We are constantly having new arrivals and will be listing them as they become available - watch this space!

HVBA Lucky Star

1.5Yr Old Chesnut KNP Gelding

Currently Available​ 

HVBA Tia - 3 Yr Old Bay Oxley Filly (needs to grow before saddle starting) 
Tia is a very shy young girl, but once she gets to know you she is a little sweetheart just looking for love and affection. Tia learns very quickly and although she can get worried when asked to do something new, her inquisitive nature and drive to do her best take over quickly and you rarely have to ask her to do anything more than twice. Along with her beautiful nature Tia is a very pretty girl, she has gorgeous big brown eyes that look out under her thick forelock in the most innocent way. Tia will be more suited to an experienced home where she will be given all the time she needs to grow and develop to her full potential.  Tia was born in the wild, but came to the HVBA with her mother so we expect she should grow to around 14.2hh. Tia’s mother is available for viewing to get an idea of her potential height and strength.

HVBA Checka

5.5Yr Old Piebald Oxley Gelding

HVBA Zorro

3Yr Old Skewbald Oxley Gelding

Currently Available for Adoption

HVBA Latte

1.5Yr Old Taffy KNP Filly


Adopted in 2017

HVBA Pheonix - 4.5 Yr Old Oxley Gelding
                              HVBA Loki - 1.5 Yr Old  KNP Colt                                            HVBA Indi - 1.5 Yr Old KNP Filly 

HVBA Kali - 1.5 Yr Old KNP Filly                                     
HVBA Cassi - 3 Yr Old Oxley Filly