Unfortunately there is very limited research on Australia's Wild Horses, which contributes to the issues that surround the management of these iconic creatures. There is however some fantastic research from wild horse populations around the globe and this combined with our own home grown research can provide some answers to the tricky questions faced by those involved in creating management programs. The Hunter Valley Brumby Association endeavors to be involved in the creation of any Brumby Management Plan to ensure the Brumbies are always treated humanely and that sound science forms the basis of those plans.

The following documents are some of the research available on both our own and global wild horse populations. All work belongs to the Authors and not necessarily reflective of the position of the HVBA. All work will be referenced in Author Date style to provide necessary recognition. Please contact us if you are unhappy with our use of your research, we will be happy to remove it.

If you are having difficultly understanding the relevance of any of the papers to Brumbies, would just like to discuss the content, or know of other research that should be included on this page, please contact our Vice President, Madison Young at research@hvba.com.au.

Brumby and Wild Horse Research

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