The HVBA is very proud to present the Brumby 250 Tournament! 

The Brumby 250 inaugural event is an invitational only competition showcasing elite trainers that have proven their care, compassion and experience with Brumbies. 

Each of the participating trainers will spend three days using our purpose built facilities at the HVBA Sanctuary getting to know their Brumby under the supervision of our experienced team and training them ready to take them home for the remainder of the 250 days.  The Brumby 250 Tournament sets the highest of animal welfare standards, therefore our trainers have been given 250 days to train their Brumbies as the training period is during the summer. All of our Brumbies chosen to participate in the Brumby 250 have been thoroughly examined by our veterinarian within two weeks of the start of the competition.   All of our trainers will be providing weekly updates so everyone can follow their journey. 

The final events are set for April 2019 beginning with a Working Equitation Competition at Stroud NSW where our trainers and Brumbies will not only compete amongst themselves but also domestic horses and their riders, both national and international.  Two weeks later, on the 26th and 27th of April  2019, all of our Brumbies and trainers will compete at the Stroud Show in both the led and ridden classes on the Friday and finish up with a freestyle event on Saturday in which the trainers demonstrate all the skills they have learnt with their Brumby throughout the 250 days, all timed to music! 

The trainers will have first choice to purchase their Brumby at the conclusion of the event - but if not, our beautiful, highly trained Brumbies will be offered for sale to the best of homes. Yes that does mean YOU could be the owner of one of these special horses, but please note, the sale of the Brumbies will be in accordance with the usual HVBA adoption terms and conditions and will NOT be an auction after the event. 

We cannot wait to see what our Trainers and Brumbies have in store for us as we over the next 250 days, so hang on tight, it's going to be a wild ride for the Brumby 250 Tournament!

​​​​Welcome to the Inaugural HVBA Brumby 250 Tournament!

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