The Adopter understands and agrees to the following before adopting a HVBA Brumby:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must not have been previously convicted for any animal welfare offence under  any State or Territory legislation or have been banned by any Court from owning animals as part of a conviction.
  • You must own your property in which you intend to keep your Brumby or have a suitable binding arrangement with a landholder which will be assessed and approved at the discretion of the HVBA Committee. Please contact HVBA to discuss.
  • Your property must have good, secure and safe fencing suitable for horses and be free from harmful debris which may cause injury. 
  • The HVBA reserves the right, if we feel necessary; to inspect the property of a potential new home at a time convenient for both parties before a Brumby is adopted.
  • All costs of keeping the adoptive Brumby including transportation to its new home, feeding, farrier care, dental care, veterinary care, saddlery and equipment and fitting costs etc will be the responsibility of the adopter from the day the Brumby leaves the HVBA Sanctuary and enters their custody.
  • The new adoptive owner will maintain their Brumby in a good healthy condition and provide all care, both routine and emergency, in order to ensure this condition.
  • The Brumby must not be sold within 366 calendar days from date of adoption.
  • The Adopter agrees to notify the HVBA if you intend to sell or transfer the Brumby. The adopter agrees that under no circumstances will a brumby be offered for sale through a livestock auction or offered for slaughter.
  • The adopter agrees to sign a binding adoption contract for their new Brumby outlining all of the details of their new Brumby and terms and conditions.
  • If your Brumby is on a boomerang contract, and you can no longer keep/intend to re-home/sell, the Brumby must be relinquished to HVBA and returned to the HVBA Sanctuary, at no cost to the HVBA
  • If the adopter is unable to collect their Brumby at the time of signing the adoption contract, an agistment fee of $50 per week will be charged. This fee includes feeding, worming and general care of your Brumby as well as continuing with their training and handling. Farrier trims and dentistry will be an additional cost.
  • 'Path to Adoption' Payment Plan: If the Brumby that you love is not yet ready for adoption, you can opt to put down a $500 fully refundable deposit to hold the Brumby while we train it. Brumbies will only be placed on hold after you have visited the Brumby and paid the deposit. During the training period you will need to pay a non-refundable $50 a month agistment fee (up to a maximum of $1500, the total cost of your Brumby) while we finish the training process. If your Brumby becomes available before you have paid the full $1500, you will be required to pay the outstanding amount before you take your Brumby home. If you decide not to take the Brumby you have paid for, there are two options: You can transfer the adoption contract for one of our other Brumbies, or you will be refunded the $500 deposit and you can walk away. Agistment fees are non-refundable. Feel free to contact us for more information on the 'Path to Adoption' Payment Plan.

Adoption Terms and Conditions

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